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Jan 12, 2020

Tanuki is one of Rebecca’s poly friends who has had a big impact on her lifestyle. We talk about the Protocol kink, our poly lives co-mingling, the sex party at her house where I met my lover, Nuru adult slip’n slide, things I’ve learned from Tanuki, and also about her life as a (married and poly) sex worker, including learning about models of consent and what a "high price of admission" looks like …



3:50 - About Tanuki’s wedding

6:34 - Tanuki having a “high price of admission”, a Dan Savage-ism

8:50 - “Why do we keep having babies with the men we want to spend time with?” - Rebecca, quoting Tanuki

11:50 - “What would you say that you have learned from the Kink world that you can put into use in your everyday life?” - Rebecca

13:13 - “I didn’t think I was kinky!” - Tanuki

19:23 - Barbara Walter’s talking about doing the Bunny Dip (Watch Barbara Walters!

21:00 - Rules for sex parties, what it takes to through a party and what inspires you to do that kind of thing? -Rebecca

31:15 - “She thinks my research are hot!” -Tanuki

34:04 - “What do you wish people knew about sex?” - Rebecca

35:38 - “it’s OK if what you are doing to my pussy is about your pleasure!” - Tanuki

37:05 - “Rebecca was the first woman I ever made cum. But, I didn’t MAKE her cum, it’s totally a team sport!” - Tanuki

37:50 - “‘Making’ somebody cum is not accurate. More accurate would be “I received Tanuki in a way that I could explosively orgasm.” - Rebecca

41:13 - strategies for how to communicate more clearly when someone isn’t hearing you…

“If your lover is not hearing you, the most important thing is to not silence yourself!” - Tanuki

43:36 - “Any advice for men about how to play in that situation where there is a “No, but…”” - Rebecca

44:44 models of consent

51:21 - another Dan Savage-ism, it’s a super power! if discussing something frankly drives someone away, then you have just saved yourself a bunch of time!