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Dec 27, 2019

Expectations, Self-actualization (7:30), tumescence, 30-second wave (3:50), Buddy Wakefield (3:02 - “What if one brain in the heart of this place rose up to the actual size of the actual voice it contained …”)

4:15 - reference the 90/10 game episode - Link to 90/10 Episode of PCR  (“I hear sex is on the table!” -

6:30 - mentioned Tumescence (Tumescence is the quality or state of being tumescent or swollen. Tumescence usually refers to the normal engorgement with blood (vascular congestion) of the erectile tissues, marking sexual excitation, and possible readiness for sexual activity.)

12:08 - Expectations and flowing with them as they change

19:17 - Referenced Daniel Sloss and Jigsaw (the episode about that is The 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Solution -


Spend a few minutes daydreaming about that 30-second wave of ecstasy and imagining how good it could be