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Jan 26, 2020

RATED R: Describing sexual acts, talking about genitalia, cursing.

Karen and Rebecca share what is the best way to help them cum, what people assume about their pussies that aren't true, examine the Chased Whore Effect and the idea of frivolous sex, and share a story with a happy ending. 


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PART 2!!

just because it’s G on G, it’s automatically like porn. Or that the girls are doing it just for other people to watch.

1:45 - Brazilian Jujitsu and how mysterious it is from the outside

3:08 - “frivolous sex” vs sex in a loving relationship

3:48 - how do you define Frivolous sex?

No emotional attachment?

4:54 - depleting versus energizing orgasms

5:41 - “I really WANT to make some kind of a connection with everyone, even if it IS a booty call. I want to have some level of open-heartedness there with them. Put in a box! But still, I want to have that.” - Rebecca

OkCupid quote - Every profile I read, I fall in love a little bit with her.” And I feel like that with my lovers. Everybody that I have a sexual connection with, I fall in love with them at least a little bit. And to me, that’s such an important piece of being able to enjoy it, and to go back and do it again.” - Rebecca

“I probably would have a lot less depleting sex if I did that!” - Karen

7:24 - the Chased Whore effect

“When you CAN sleep with anybody you want to, but we usually don’t”

“When your sex is already pretty damn good to begin with, it has to be potentially worth it.”

8:41 - what do people assume about YOUR PUSSY that isn’t true?

“That all it needs is just a little bit to get it off.” Lol! - Karen

9:41 - “this is a very distracting episode!”

10:40 - “Sam” and Rebecca, spends a good chunk of time making out (like 30-40 minutes)

11:16 - I have seen him have multiple orgasms without ejaculation many, many times!

12:12 - “What would you say that people think about your pussy that isn’t true, Rebecca?” - Karen

12:26 - Tips from a doctor lover of mine who has helped birth a few babies.

12:43 - REALLY knows where my g-spot is

13 - when you put your fingers in a pussy, you don’t go straight in… Fingertips aiming towards her sacrum

14:28 - assumption - that going down on me is the best way to make me cum!

15:16 - “And THAT is one of the best ways to make me cum!” - Rebecca

16:04 - Mountain Man (aka Cilantro) and positions… one position that is so reliable with us. 

17:38 - “What are the most important pieces of foreplay for you?” - Karen, the buildup

“It turns me on faster the slower you go” - Karen

The licking of my pussy has too slow of a ramp up, I guess?

21:30 “What do YOU Like in foreplay?” - Karen

3 best tips for my lovers: Soft, slippery, slow

Once you get the right combination of those things, my body will TELL you that you are right on.

Like playing the Hotter/Colder game

25:43 - “would you share with me one of your most delicious memories with another pussy?” - Rebecca

27:55  - “I don’t even think I orgasmed that day, but it did NOT matter, it felt SOO good!” - Karen

28:15 - the Accidental Fisting!

29:18 - “Tell me about one of your favorite moments with a pussy where you felt really replenished and fueled?”

Projected my energy, jokingly called it a spirit cock