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Welcome to Pleasure Central Radio!

Part memoir of a modern Renaissance woman, part career advice, part ‘how to be an amazing lover’ instruction manual... 

Pleasure Central is definitely about sexAND... Pleasure Central is just as much about every other kind of pleasure.

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My name is Radiant Rebecca, and I love to make people blush.

Especially if it makes them think.


Pleasure Central is definitely about sex.

AND... Pleasure Central is just as much about every other kind of pleasure.

It’s about the satisfaction of a job well-done, the joy of a team flowing together and the spontaneous moments of delight that can be had with strangers on the sidewalk… intimate connections made and resolved in only a glance.

It’s about having the freedom to create work that wakes you up each day with a bright and eager smile on your face.   It’s about partnership, love, community gatherings and allowing in all kinds of abundance!

Really, when you get right down to it, Pleasure Central Radio is about the creative marriage of hedonism and a Calvinistic work ethic, science and magick, masculine and feminine.  

What to Expect from this Podcast

Most of these episodes will be experienced as if you are a fly on the wall of my living room while my partners, lovers, and curious friends sit and chat about life, love, and living within our genius the same way we do when you are NOT around. ;)

Some episodes will have more structure (interview style), some will be just me talking directly into your ear (like this). Most of these will be about an hour, with some longer or shorter specials, live workshop recordings and unplugged sessions thrown in when it feels like the information may be useful for you.

Our conversations dive into topics like “How to have amazing sex with this new mind game we have started playing with”, “How to have our cake and eat it too in the realms of love, career and partnership,” and “How we stay within our Genius all day long and do only that which is downstream while making a juicy living at it!”.

A few recordings will even be directly from my bedroom and will include explicit sounds and vocalizations. It’s a bit unusual, I know, and we do it because there is great value in learning how to ask for what you want and set appropriate boundaries in the heat of the moment.

The session’s rating will be announced at the beginning of each episode, just like at the movies, and all of the explicit episodes will be rated X. So just skip past those if you would rather not have quite that much detailed information about my sex life!

The topics we’ll be discussing on Pleasure Central Radio get to the core of who we believe we are and these perpetuated assumptions become our filter that we see the world through.

As humans, we tend to avoid challenging those beliefs.

Because it’s painful.

Because it’s confronting.

Because it forces us to question ourselves.


Which means that my friends and I will be talking about some very touchy subjects, including some of our past failures. It’s quite likely your human instinct will at least occasionally be tempted to judge us personally or some of the topics that we discuss.

And no, it’s not because you are a judgy person, it’s simply because your human instinct is doing its job and attempting to keep you safe the same what it has always done.

(BTW, there is a biological reason for this - our prefrontal cortex (aka the part of the brain that does the logical thinking, evaluating and decision-making) shuts down when our bodies go into fight or flight mode - and fitting into our tribe/society/etc is considered critical to our survival as tribal animals. So considering anything that is outside of the norm that we are surrounded by will trigger, on some level, your brain to shut down because it thinks it’s protecting you.

In other words, we can’t learn anything new, nor expand when we have strong feelings about the rightness or the wrongness of someone else’s actions.

There is a simple way around this, however.

Curiosity, however, is a mindset that will allow you see what IS. Rather than listening to these conversations as a “how to” guide or using it as a predetermined path for you to follow to your own sexual freedom, simply tell your brain that you are curious to see how this story goes.

That will help soften the fight or flight response and allow you to see what truly IS.

And just plain old be gentle with yourself.

One of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett, said: "I think perhaps the most important problem is that we are trying to understand the fundamental workings of the universe via a language devised for telling one another when the best fruit is.”

Isn't that the truth? 

In order to address this language problem, I use already-established jargon from well-known teachers in the transformation world who have highly developed frameworks that resonate with my own. I do this because I am building on their brilliance and will regularly attribute to them so that you can look them up, should you want to delve into that concept deeper.

Most of this already-established jargon comes from either the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Roger Hamilton, Danielle LaPorte, Simon Sinek, Esther Perel, Ken Wilbur and Integral theory, the Chulaquai Quodoushka sacred sexuality teachings, the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path or Steve Kamb of NerdFitness.

When I use something that I recognize as jargon for the first time, I will include an audio footnote to help explain this - a sort of Audio Glossary - in case you are unfamiliar with the meaning.

If I miss explaining something, please contact me and let me know! I love translating concepts into real-life and meaningful action, and I would like this podcast to be as useful as possible to you, so I will happily go back and add more context. Plus, everyone who listens after you ask me to clarify that will have an even easier time understanding because of your request for clarification! So thanks for your help!

Also, I’m maintaining a list of these resources and teachers on the Podcast website, so check out the resources list. I like to make it easy for you to do your own reading, listening and research because hey, why take MY word for it?

This is where we begin educating the fear out of our bodies and our lives.

I’m not a preacher and I hope you never feel preached at. I am a thoughtful person and I speak with the conviction of decades of personal experience. I’ll be the first to admit that everything I say comes out of my own filters, and that means that I may not always right - and for sure, my way is not always going to be right for YOU!


Many of these conversations will NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK. Or children in the room. I’ll let you know at the beginning of each episode (and in the show notes) how explicit it will be, so you can opt out if you prefer.

If you know me personally and think that hearing too much detail about my sex life will ruin your experience of me (Dad, I’m talking to you!), when the Rating is announced at the beginning of the show feel free to say “Ah, ok, out of my comfort zone today. Never mind, I’ll go check out This American Life on NPR instead". I won’t be offended, and I won’t question you about what you think of my podcast later either.

Let some things stay a mystery, right?


Podcast Details & Expectations

This podcast is designed to help you begin to sense your OWN edges. Once you do, then you can consciously choose whether to keep them or move those edges out a bit to give yourself more room to play and explore.

If you are game to come with me on this adventure and follow some real-life conversations with incredibly interesting people, then here is how to listen.

Tip: If you subscribe via iTunes, it will automatically download the next episode directly to your phone and will show up on your Notifications Screen whenever new episodes are posted. This way, you can have it ready for your Sunday afternoon hike without having to lift a finger.

Well, ok, you have to lift one finger to press play, but… :)

Now that we’ve got all of the basic housekeeping out of the way, let’s examine our assumptions together, shall we?