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Welcome to Pleasure Central Radio!

Part memoir of a modern Renaissance woman, part career advice, part ‘how to be an amazing lover’ instruction manual... 

Pleasure Central is definitely about sexAND... Pleasure Central is just as much about every other kind of pleasure.

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Jan 24, 2021

RATED PG-13: For mild language and emotionally intense content

Rebecca shares about grief and the importance of holding space for our own grief and the grief of others in order to get back to pleasure again. 

Comment from an early listener: “You showed us how it should not be done when describing your mom’s funeral....

Jan 18, 2021

RATED PG-13: Some tame and general political content

Rebecca and Sam discuss ethics and personal responsibility through a Terry Pratchett book, “Guards! Guards!” and explore some light politics via themes in the book.


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Jan 3, 2021

Rated R

Rebecca & Brett Scott discuss 

Being honest to yourself, being bold, and being relentless in your goals as a way to get the most pleasure out of your life.

I Fly...