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Welcome to Pleasure Central Radio!

Part memoir of a modern Renaissance woman, part career advice, part ‘how to be an amazing lover’ instruction manual... 

Pleasure Central is definitely about sexAND... Pleasure Central is just as much about every other kind of pleasure.

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Oct 25, 2020

Rated PG-13

It’s about acro yoga and what acro teaches us about partnership, relationships, communication, and the balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine in each of us.



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Oct 18, 2020

Radiant Rebecca chats with Noah and Ivy from Waking Bear about their songs, about their heart-opening lyrics, and the pleasure that has gotten them where they are now. 

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And enjoy...

Oct 11, 2020

Rebecca and Sam celebrate the ending of summer and the beginning of fall with two short readings from Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury.

Imagine yourself as Douglas Spalding, age 12, conducting your town awake... 

Oct 4, 2020

Rated R

Sam & Rebecca have a timely discussion about what is going on in the world today through a book called Nation, written by Terry Pratchett.

(Spoilers start about 10 minutes in - and we announce them)