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Welcome to Pleasure Central Radio!

Part memoir of a modern Renaissance woman, part career advice, part ‘how to be an amazing lover’ instruction manual... 

Pleasure Central is definitely about sexAND... Pleasure Central is just as much about every other kind of pleasure.

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Sep 27, 2020

Rated PG-13

Hey, there, this is Radiant Rebecca, your hosted pleasure central radio.

This week's episode is a little bit different. I recorded two great episodes for pleasure central radio this week. And neither one of them is ready to be published yet. It turns out my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Or my eyes were...

Sep 20, 2020

In light of the reduction in travel and new social distancing norms, this conversation seems more relevant to more people, so we are reposting it.

Enjoy some tips for staying connected to those you love even when distance gets in the way!


Sep 13, 2020

Rebecca chats with Kelly to nerd out over bodies, physical exercise, whittled waists on women, and Kelly's entrepreneurial venture, The London Method. 


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My Improper Mother and Me - the Book about Lotte Burke


Kelly Wackerman is the Creator & Co Owner...

Sep 6, 2020

Rebecca and Sam explain compersion and share some of their own stories of pleasure at their partner's pleasure.