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Jan 24, 2021

RATED PG-13: For mild language and emotionally intense content

Rebecca shares about grief and the importance of holding space for our own grief and the grief of others in order to get back to pleasure again. 

Comment from an early listener: “You showed us how it should not be done when describing your mom’s funeral. You showed us how it should be done when explaining how your peer group held you tightly in high school, and you showed us how much you need it now, with the absence of your friend group during the pandemic. My heart broke with you as you spoke. But I knew it was okay that it broke, as we would mend it together.”
- Scott Bryant-Comstock, host of The Kundalini Chronicles podcast (

To read the co-authored book by the men on Death Row that Rebecca had the opportunity to speak to, check out Crimson Letters:

To learn more about Edward Tick and Restoring the Warrior’s Soul:

To learn more about the Seeds of Grief process and how to accept grief so that it fuels us instead of numbs us:
For support through your grief and to find other human hearts to hold you, join Fiona at


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