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Sep 13, 2020

Rebecca chats with Kelly to nerd out over bodies, physical exercise, whittled waists on women, and Kelly's entrepreneurial venture, The London Method. 


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My Improper Mother and Me - the Book about Lotte Burke


Kelly Wackerman is the Creator & Co Owner of theLONDONmethod, home to the ORIGINAL Lotte Berk exercise technique.  Kelly is a BASI Certified Pilates instructor who became a Master Teacher trainer in Barre after falling in love with the method.  Her research led her to England to train with the only daughter of Lotte Berk, Esther Fairfax. During this training Kelly was able to heal her own body & as result found that her waist, hips, and thighs had narrowed between 1-2 inches after practicing the exercises that Esther taught her.  Esther Fairfax was 81 years old at the time & the strongest, fittest women Kelly had ever met. Kelly began sharing the technique with other women & found that what Esther had taught her was like a formula, they were ALL losing at least 1-2 inches in each area of their bodies while gaining strength in their core like they had never seen before.  When theLONDONmethod launched online it sold in over 14 countries & now clients all over the world are able to receive the back healing, body lengthening, hip strengthening benefits that Kelly & her team have seen hundreds of women benefit from.  Kelly is extraordinarily passionate about sharing the story of the ORIGINAL technique & can be found on Podcasts such as “Climbing the Ladder in Heels”, speaking about & sharing the technique at Summits & Conferences all over the country, as well as guest teaching the ORIGINAL class at fitness studios everywhere.