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Mar 8, 2020

Rated PG

Rebecca & Suzanne discuss the risks inherent in relationships and in life and talk about ways to reframe risk. 


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2:23 - asking yourself “How good could this get?” (Talking about a break-up)

Abraham Hicks Philosophy -

3:30 - “I can be excited, or I can be afraid. I can see this as an adventure.” - Rebecca

6:40 - “Risk - the safer I am, the more capable I am of taking risk!” - Suzanne

7:48 - the risk worth taking is the one that feels like the next logical step.

8:59 - the biggest challenge Rebecca is facing now… Long distance relationship and stepping out into the world

11:38 - Just imagine going on a first date with someone who has already listened to my podcast

18:01 - Nerding out about the processes and the somatic experience of grief, and a conscious awareness that he wasn’t a threat even though her body was treating him as one

19:40 - introducing the game of 5 brightest moments

22:30 - why the BOPA didn’t work for me, and how I figured out to adjust my perspective of it so that it actually started shifting my vibration


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