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Oct 19, 2018


Sound is pretty hard to hear, one of our first episodes when we were still playing with recording equipment and spaces.


Show Notes

3:48 Bareback sex (without condoms)

4:55 “You’ll fuck more, guys, if you learn how to enjoy fucking with a condom.”

—Masturbate with a condom on!

5:27 How fucking with a condom can be helpful

5:50 Biochemical bonding with bareback sex is different? More powerful?

7:08 On being an Ethical Slut

8:07 Types of fluid bonding and its effect

8:52 Saran Wrap or dental dams?

— get the non-porous, non-microwavable Saran Wrap!

“Generally speaking, I’m not microwaving my partner’s pussy while I’m eating it, so…”


10:25 How did the desire to have bareback sex come up?

12:27 My ticking ovary clock… ?

13:17 What tells me that it’s my biological clock?

14:18 “Fucking pregnant women is pretty hot.”

14:20 Are pregnant women horny?

—For women that allow themselves to be aware of what is going on in their body during pregnancy, it can be a very pleasant and arousing experience.

16:31 “Nine months of being a walking orgasm would maybe want to make you want to do it again, and again!”

17:07 The orgasmic birth movement

18:07 Fisting & large insertable

19:14 Using fisting to prepare someone for birth

19:56 Internal massage for women - Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

20:30 Certified Sexological Bodyworkers can also provide internal massage


22:13 Helping lower back pain with internal massage, especially for men.

23:07 Improve hemorrhoids by playing with your own asshole for pleasure

Anal Pleasure & Health - Seminal book by…

24:30 Sex without condoms & Safety

—Fluids on mucosal skin or highly elastic is the highest risk

26:17 “Topical foliage…”

27:37 Breaking the skin on healthy skin is not necessarily better than wiping with alcohol first

28:33 Risks of pregnancy with bareback sex

29:28 Being penetrated is actually one of the more risky things that humans can do


30:00 Women have been dying from childbirth for millions of years. It’s new that we have gotten a pretty good hold on that

31:06 She said “It was like a switch for me. I went in becoming pregnant and having this baby, I went from being a carefree young woman who really was basically up for anything and willing to fuck at the drop of a hat, having great sex with lots of people and doing all the things I wanted to do… but something about this pregnancy and having this child was like flipping a switch.”

33:40 pH changes in a pussy

34:00 Find the type of condoms and lube that work for you!

Will likes:

—Maximus - gel style, great for anal sex

—Liquid Silk (less sugars, but a tiny bit of silicone, which irritates some women)

—Aqua lube

—Kimono condoms - thin, great sensitivity. (These condoms are better for average to smaller guys)

—Crown condoms - pink color

—Skyn, a great latex alternative condom

Rebecca likes:

—Sliquid brand lube, paraben-free, glycerine-free, etc.

—Kimono & Skyn condoms also

—Female condoms

37:30 Condoms & flavors?

39:30 Female condoms - tips

—Put lube on the inside AND the outside of a female condom before you use it


41:37 If you are fucking a lot with condoms, Will would recommend using a non-latex brand. Developing a latex allergy to the awesome thing that covers your cock would be annoying!

42:50 Putting on a Trojan condom is like putting on a tire! (Super thick, neither of us recommend them!)

43:19  Why the US only has 6 or so sizes of condoms available…

And what to do if you want a better fitting condom:

44:47 The better fit you have with your condoms, the more you will be able to enjoy the experience.

—Put a little lube inside the condom (just a small drop, too much could make it slide off)

45:55 So Rebecca, where does this pregnancy desire take you and your own polycules?

49:56 Passing on my recessive hazel eye genes!


52:00 Component of power play and ownership in my pregnancy fantasies

52:50 “The more in control of the rest of my life I feel, the more out of control I want to be in the bedroom.”