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Oct 19, 2018

Nneka Kelly and Radiant Rebecca go way, way back. In fact, Nneka is one of R’s oldest Abe friends. Here it is, 13+ years after they first connected online and they have some great stories about how to find your awesome peeps.

3:02 - Nneka’s introduction is done and she starts speaking



4:04 - talking about conversations and that is how we reconnected. Abe-forum

Having conversations that are more than just a Like on a post.


4:38 the evolution of the internet and social media

The Search Engine! 5:10


Before “Google it” was a verb


6:11 - Nneka had ecommerce business with her ex husband. Went to webmasters conference, met the google engineers, learned about Blogging!


7:54 - sold plus size lingerie, blogged to generate traffic


$1000/month to $10,000/month


8:59 - started her own personal blog to document her Abe journey. Wanted to talk about spirituality, metaphysics, etc. Started connecting on the forums, having real conversations, etc.


Then came facebook - networking medium, not so much a conversation generator


11:40 - yoga is like church! It’s where the spiritual nomads go! (Wait, that’s new?!?)


12:39 - What we want to talk about today? how to have more of those meaningful conversations


13:20 - me talking about my response to Grace on Facebook about connecting in person, plus replay


14:00 - introduced the meetup group in Seattle


14:12 - talked about the book study for the Wealth Dynamics stuff


15:05 - mixed format book studies really made a difference.


16:38 - consuming information at a pace that is valuable to you.


17:17 - feeling obligated to do the other 3.5 hours of work once you have gotten what you need.


17:56 Cyrs Wood - mentions her writing and her posts are amazing, very very juicy.


20:59 - Like Minds But Different Thoughts

Abe cruises have so much diversity

No idea what abe friends do for a living! Or partners, etc.


26.54 - The path of Ease - Nneka going in and out of corporate, how she learned to accept that it was the path of ease.


29:20 - work experiences not just lined up with it, but enjoyed it!


34:18 - Shame about re-entering the work force again?


35:57 - bombarded with how to be MARKETERS! But that’s out of whack


36:32 - Vibrational marketing. Make “Who I Am Being” how I sell, not the strategy.


  1. Harv Eker


37.41 - Be who you are, and when people show up, charge them.


38:05 - Talks about Namaste Moore


Never felt guilt, shame or doubt out of an Abraham Hicks experience, and she has always wanted more.


43:21 - the difference between the masculine and the feminine ways of success.

Go out and Get vs Shine and Receive


44:38 - Receiving vs having the Super Independent Woman syndrome of “No thanks, I can do it for myself!”


50:13 - It’s not be all feminine or all masculine.

When I aim for 80/20, that’s the sweet spot for me.


51:10 - Mapping my monthly cycle to my masculine/feminine balance


52:48 - Moon mysteries course by Namaste Moore

There is value in being consistent, and there is value in understanding our monthly and yearly cycle that works better for us than pure forced consistency


53:44 - “I resisted the path that I was already on because I didn’t think that it should look this way!” -Nneka


54:30 - Alisa Vitti, FloLiving (cycle and how to live)


54:54 - Weekly cycle from Roger Hamiliton - transposed it onto a month cycle than weekly.


57:33 - Wealth Spectrum, and showing me how depending on where you are on the path, you will have different steps to success to get to the next level.


Using my feelings to find the next best step (the next video, the next quote) that really moved me.


1:00:03 - Sweet Medicine SunDance Path

A Warrior’s Task - something you do not because it’s easy, but because you have realized that you want the benefit of doing that thing.


1:01:46 - Nneka loves the analogy of a map rather than a path.


1:04:07 - using the thing that you need to get you to the next step.


1:07:03 - Happy Face Stickering

You are running on E… Listen, the car is going to stop! Whether or not you acknowledge that the gas tank is on E, the car is going to stop! So, you can acknowledge that the car is on E and get yourself to the nearest gas station… or you can drive around with a happy face sticker right over the gas gauge so that you don’t “know” it’s there.


1:10:20 - Learning about talking my way up the emotional scale via listening and reading others’ experiences in practicing the teachings.


1:12:21 - eating sugar analogy - “I think that happens when we are going for euphoric joy when we are in depression. We are not acknowledging where we are right now - across any dynamic.”


Next podcast, comfort zone, and breaking the “Getting out of your comfort zone” myth